Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Globo TV Studios with Dalton

Last night Dalton invited us to come see him film some scenes at the Globo TV studio where he works. It was quite a large complex with little mini cities (mostly facades) within the grounds. He was shooting an outdoor scene in front of the mansion where his character lives and with his character's beautiful 1950's Jaguar parked out front. The moustache comes with the character too ;-)

We got to meet the director and crew and watch from behind the director's chair as they filmed 2 different scenes. Often he works from 1pm to 9pm or so, but when they need to do night scenes he goes in around 8pm and works very late.

Fortunately he finished up pretty quickly and we were able to go down to Copacabana beach for some drinks and a bite to eat. We had a great evening of conversation and laughs and didn't make it back to our hotel room until about 3am.

Dalton said to remind my Mom that he's still waiting for "a piss of that donut". He also told us that to this day the best gift he has ever received in his life was thed day he left the US after living with us for a year. My mom handed him a small box which contained a key to our house and told him that he always had a home to come back to. It was quite touching.

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