Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Explora is da bomb!

The Explora group that ran our hotel and tour guides is really fantastic. This location is run by Eddie and Giovanna - I think they are both Chilean but the rest of the 20 staff (except one) are Rapa Nui. They are all friendly, fun, and full of life.

The MO here is a hike in the morning and a hike (expedition) in the afternoon, with chef cooked meals around and in between. Everything you could need is provided - water, snacks, a walking stck, and incredible views!

We don't see anyone else except at the major Moai sites. And then usually only one other group. While hiking, sometimes there is a path and sometimes there is not - but never any other people.

They are building a new Explora hotel with 30 rooms on the remote side of the island, so in a few years we want to come back and do all 3 Explora trips - northern Chile, Easter Island, and Patagonia.

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