Friday, February 9, 2007

Danger narrowly averted - Paper airline tickets?

Every airline uses electronic tickets now right? Well, every airline except TAM in Brazil, apparently. We arrived at the airport in Iguazu, Brazil to board our flight to Rio de Janeiro, and the agent at checkin asked for our tickets or voucher. I looked at her like she was crazy and said I didn't have a ticket, this is an electronic booking. She asked for a copy of our itinerary and went into a back room for a few minutes. She returned shaking her head and asked again if we had any paper tickets or vouchers. Amy and I were looking at each other and started to feel that panic feeling again. No one mentioned anything to me about a paper ticket!

Then I remembered that I had received a thick packet of receipts for the airline tickets and even though I thought they were receipts and not actual tickets dug into my carryon bag where I had stashed them just in case (thank God I did!). Flipping through the 1 inch thick stack of tickets I see that at the back of the book is stapled one actual ticket. Looking at the details, it is the ticket for our flight from Iguazu to Rio! Then I suddenly was scared that I had only brought one of the ticket books and not both, but after another 30 seconds of digging in my bag I find Amy's book and the corresponding ticket.

The airline agent laughed as if this is a common thing she sees and sent us on our way to security.

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