Sunday, February 4, 2007

Easter Island Day 4

Today we were in need of a "no hiking day". Our feet hurt, we were sunburned, and in need of an easy day. In the morning we went to the "quarry" or "factory" where most of the Moai were carved from. Its one of the volcano craters with the right kind of soft rock. It is full of unfinished Moai at different stages - many of the largest and best preserved ones are there.

After lunch, we went to one of the events in the Partida de Rapa Nui competition. This one was like a bobsledding event, except there is no snow and they ride a banana tree husk as a sled. The Haka Pei contest is to see who can slide the farthest. Everyone gets naked (okay they do have a thong on) and paints their bodies. Of course, Amy had to get a picture with one. Eddie, who runs the Explora hotel where we are staying was the first non-Rapa Nui to compete in the event and did pretty well (he's Chilean).

Then we went to Rano Kau, the largest crater. It was quite majestic. From there you can see Motu Nui, a small island off of the main island. This is where the birdman race took place, a competition of young men to go to the Motu Nui island and retrieve a birds egg intact.

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